Steps to Make Healthy Cookies at Home

Fresh and tasty cookies are always a delight as it stands to be an all-time favourite for everyone. They manage to form themselves as the complete evening snack by letting you munch as you binge-watch your favourite series. As a result, we decided to look into the process and let you know all about the different steps taken to make healthy cookies. So get ready and be prepared to learn about the process that gets done within a matter of time.

1. Initial Stage

Initial Stage

There lies a specific line of difference between making healthy cookies and cookies in general. When it comes to the former, you need to swap out some heart-healthy oils such as olive oil or canola. By doing so, you will be getting rid of saturated fat that comes with every single tablespoon of butter. Apart from that, following this procedure also makes the cookies crispier and they can be dried and stored in an airtight container. Due to that, you can always look forward to eating them as the procedure is healthy and beneficial.

2. Include Fiber

The best way to include fibre in your cookies would be by replacing the all-purpose flour with whole-wheat cookies. This process adds the right amount of fibre in every batch and moves ahead to be a complete snack. People of all age groups can come forward to enjoy the same without feeling the pressure of eating something unhealthy. But in case this particular method brings about a bad taste, you can always add flaxseeds.

3. Keeping things in check

healthy cookies

Forming a particular control over all that you put in is an essential way to understand the meaning of a limit. Since we are cooking healthy cookies, you should aim towards ½ teaspoons of salt and also formulate an ideal limit for the rest. In case you want a little extra, then you can go up to ¼ teaspoon but nothing beyond the same. Once everything is under check and you learn to follow a limit, things will begin to head in a proper direction.

4. Eliminating Artificial Ingredients

Ingredients that contain hydrogenated oil or trans fats should never be considered for the process as they can take the whole recipe and push towards extreme stages. Since we are all about making them healthy, you need to avoid using such ingredients, including processed foods. Apart from that, using honey or brown cane sugar is also an excellent method to replace sugar and fat. In this manner, you will stick to things that are natural and keep the tag of being healthy alive. Hence, follow these steps, learn the recipe and try to replace them with the options mentioned above.

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