Making Chocolate Glaze

Preparing chocolate glaze is quite easy and forms the perfect match for beginners. People who have never really tried their hand at cooking can learn more about this recipe and move ahead to utilise the same over a number of baked goods. You can either use it for glazed doughnuts, dipping eclairs and other such aspects. By doing so, you will be forming the ideal treat for this quarantine period without going out of your way. So control your excitement and move ahead to learn about the process of making chocolate glaze.

1. Cutting Chocolate

Cutting Chocolate

Chocolate and butter are the only two ingredients required for this process. As a result, the first step involves cutting chocolate into unformed pieces in order to help them melt. You need to be careful while performing this particular if you’re using a knife for the very first time. Once you’re done with the same, you can place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl and move ahead to perform the next step in the process.

2. Heating


The process of heating the chocolate is an important one and requires all your attention. You should follow the same with a mode of caution because a single mistake will ruin the entire procedure and take things to head in the wrong direction. So heat the chocolate in short bursts by placing the same in a microwave. While doing so, you should stop the program and keep stirring the same every 15-20 seconds. In this manner, it will get ready to become what you wanted by formulating the steps towards the outcome.



Once the chocolate has melted, you should stop heating. Going beyond the limit at this particular stage is not a good move as it comes along with a couple of problems. So it is best to avoid the same and rely on the procedure by also following the extent of timing. Once you follow all that is required, you will have a chocolate glaze within a matter of time.

3. Stir in butter


Once you’re done with the second step, the next stage requires you to remove the melted chocolate from the microwave and add pieces of butter to it. This is quite crucial since it is the first time that both your ingredients will be merged to form the recipe. Once you’ve added butter, you need to stir the mixture until it becomes smooth. That is the final step of the process, and once you’re done, you will have a chocolate glaze. In case you’re wondering about the different uses of chocolate glaze, then you need to know that you can always add it to pound cake, simple brownies, glazed yeast doughnuts and so on.

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