Best Low-Fat baking recipe

Creamy cakes, tender muffins and crunchy cookies. Who doesn’t love pastries? Everyone enjoys gorging on these sweet and savoury delights, all up till the moment you gain those extra pounds. That’s right, folks, munching on too many of these sugary pleasures might just hit you back one day. That’s why we’ve made a list of […]

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5 Of The Healthiest Type of Dough Recipes

Whether you’re looking for a substitute for your sugary cookie dough recipe or want a healthier pizza base, we’ve got your back! From pasta to desserts to casseroles, flour has become a staple in almost all households. But, watch out! Not all types of flour are healthy. London personal training Team Right Path Fitness say […]


Making Chocolate Glaze

Preparing chocolate glaze is quite easy and forms the perfect match for beginners. People who have never really tried their hand at cooking can learn more about this recipe and move ahead to utilise the same over a number of baked goods. You can either use it for glazed doughnuts, dipping eclairs and other such […]

Bread Bakers

Essential Tips for First Time Bread Bakers

The process of baking bread is an important one that needs to go through the right set of rules and methods. Making mistakes and other forms of errors can ruin the outcome and leave you confused. So apart from following the ideal steps, you also need a couple of tips to smoothen the level of […]


Steps to Make Healthy Cookies at Home

Fresh and tasty cookies are always a delight as it stands to be an all-time favourite for everyone. They manage to form themselves as the complete evening snack by letting you munch as you binge-watch your favourite series. As a result, we decided to look into the process and let you know all about the […]