5 Of The Healthiest Type of Dough Recipes

Whether you’re looking for a substitute for your sugary cookie dough recipe or want a healthier pizza base, we’ve got your back! From pasta to desserts to casseroles, flour has become a staple in almost all households. But, watch out! Not all types of flour are healthy. London personal training Team Right Path Fitness say For instance, all-purpose and white flours are refined, making them less healthy. But surprisingly, they’re the most commonly used type of flours.

Below, we’ve mentioned some healthy flours you can start using today. Additionally, we’ll also share with you 5 of the healthiest type of dough recipes to make cookies, casseroles, pizzas, and more. Let’s get started!

Healthy Options To Replace Refined Flours

  • Whole wheat flour:

Whole wheat flour is often confused with white flour. But the difference between them is huge! Wheat flour is simply ground wheat kernels. Also, unlike unhealthy white flour, whole wheat flour contains bran and germ (nutrients). It is also a good source of fiber and protein. Besides, it contains a variety of minerals and vitamins. Note that whole wheat flour contains gluten.

  • Quinoa flour:

If you have gluten intolerance, you can opt for quinoa flour. It is a good source of iron, unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber. Additionally, quinoa flour comes with tons of antioxidants.

  • Coconut flour:

Coconut flour is another excellent gluten-free option. It is made simply by grinding dried coconut meat into a fine powder. Compared to the standard grain-based flours, coconut flour is more calorie-dense and comes with a high content of potassium, fat, protein, iron, and fiber.

5 Healthy Dough Recipes

  1. Two-Ingredient Dough


Low-fat plain Greek Yogurt – 1 cup

Self-rising whole wheat flour – 1 ¼


It’s super easy. Put flour in a large bowl. Then, add the yogurt on top, stir with a spoon until it forms a shaggy dough. Take the dough out on a lightly floured surface, and knead it for about eight minutes. There you have it! A quick and easy yet healthy dough for your bagels or pizzas.

  1. Healthy Cookie Dough


Almond flour – 1 cup

Coconut flour – ¼ cup

Refined melted coconut oil – 3 tbsp

¼ cup + 1 tbsp pure maple syrup

¼ cup dairy-free choco chips

Vanilla extract 1 tbsp

Few big pinches of sea salt


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except for the chocolate chips. Once combined well, stir in the choco chips as well. Serve it right away or chill.

  1. Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough


Whole wheat flour 1 cup

All-purpose flour 1 cup

Quick-rising yeast 2 ¼ tsps

½ tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Hot water ¾ cup


Combine both the flours, sugar, yeast, and salt and mix them in a food processor. Mix oil and hot water in a cup. Gradually add the hot water and oil mixture to the food processor as the motor keeps running. Mix until the dough forms a ball. Then, process the dough for another minute to knead. Your dough is ready!

  1. Low-Fat Pizza Dough


Bread flour 2 cups

Honey 1 tbsp

½ tsp fine salt

Dry years ¼ ounce

100 to 110F warm water, ¾ cup


Mix the water, honey, and yeast in a bowl and set aside for 10 minutes. Whisk the salt and flour in a separate bowl. Add the yeast mixture to it and stir until the dough forms. Knead the dough on a floured surface for 5 minutes. Place the dough in a lightly floured bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Set aside for 1 hour for the dough to rise. Then, remove the dough from the bowl and punch down on a lightly floured surface. Then, roll the dough into a lightly oiled pizza pan, add your favorite toppings and bake for about 10-13 minutes at 450°F.

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