Casatiello Bread Recipe From A London Personal Trainer

casatiello – neapolitan easter bread Todays Bread Recipe is from London Personal Trainer Right Path Fitness  Ingredients Sponge 12g (4 ½ tsps) active dry yeast 20g (4 tsps) sugar 300g (1 ¼ cups) warm water 4 large egg yolks 300g (about 2 ½ cups) unbleached all-purpose flour 6.5g (1 ¼ tsps) salt Dough 4 large […]

Greek Olive Bread Twelve Loaves

I’ve had a deep, abiding love affair with all things olive going way back to my kid days when I used to snarf them down like normal  kids chowed down on M&Ms. (Who needs chocolate when you’ve got kalamatas, right?) It’s been an unshakable love that’s withstood assaults from all sides over the years, most […]

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Crunchy Seed Braid Bread Baker

Seedy: inferior in condition or quality, shabby, run-down. Definitely not. somewhat disreputable.  Don’t think so. slightly unwell, debilitated. Nuh uh. containing or full of seeds. Oh yeah, baby! Especially if that thing containing or full of seeds is a bread. Seeds is (are?) the theme for this month’s BreadBakers challenge, chosen by our host Karen of Karen’s Kitchen Stories. […]

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Rosemary Parmesan Flatbread Crisps Twelve Loaves

And the theme for this month’s Twelve Loaves challenge is…Summer Herbs! I batted around a few ideas–all of them involving rosemary because that’s pretty much the only thing that’s survived this year’s pathetic attempt at a garden–and finally decided on a crispity, crunchity flatbread. Because who doesn’t love a good flatbread? Especially one that’s full […]

Black Bread And Carrot Hummus

SING WITH ME! They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky…the, uh…breads that you bake with bamboo charcoal powder! Okay, so it kind of loses something here but you get where I’m going, right? Because what could be more ooky and spooky than black bread? And I mean BLACK bread. Definitely the […]

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Hapanleipa Finnish Sour Rye Bread Bread bakers

Way back when I was a snotty pre-teen know-it-all who scoffed at the notion that a mere movie could scare me, I remember staying up late one night to watch The Birds on TV. Well. Not only did it make me cry but afterwards, I refused to turn the lights off at night and insisted […]

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Essential Tips for First Time Bread Bakers

The process of baking bread is an important one that needs to go through the right set of rules and methods. Making mistakes and other forms of errors can ruin the outcome and leave you confused. So apart from following the ideal steps, you also need a couple of tips to smoothen the level of […]