Photo by the awesome Gretchen Murcott of  Chickadee Photography

Photo by the awesome Gretchen Murcott of Chickadee Photography

Welcome to A Shaggy Dough Story, a blog about bread and stuff. The bread part? Well, I'm an amateur hobby baker who gets more passionate about bread with every loaf I bake. I scour the interwebs for bread facts, websites and blogs, I take bread classes, I read bread books, I watch bread videos and–unlike other hobbies of mine, where I acquire tons of stuff and a lot of knowledge but then never actually DO anything with any of it–I actually bake bread. I started this blog as an online journal of my bread baking adventures, a learning tool more than anything. (The dog ate my paper journal. Seriously.) As time goes on, I'll probably incorporate other foods as well. The stuff part? Anything goes. Mainly though, it's all about the BREAD. But just in case you're interested, here are…

some random facts about me…

I'm a Baby Boomer. We Boomers are getting up there. I combat the aging process as best I can. Not by going in for plastic surgery or anything like that. I just act like I'm 12. I have no shame.

I've been married for, like, EVER. 30+ years. To the same guy, no less.

I have one daughter who's a web developer and lives in Brooklyn. She's awesome.

I have 3 cats, Mel, Murray and Petey. They're awesome too.

I have one dog, Zelda. We can definitely confirm that she IS a dog. What kind, however, is up for grabs. She was abandoned as a pup so she's a little skittish around other people but we love her to death and she loves us. She's awesome squared.

At one time, we had 2 dogs and 5 cats (we miss our greyhound and 2 oldest cats). Tiny house. 7 pets. You can only imagine the hijinks.

I curse a LOT. I will try my very best to reign it in here. Because OMG, WHAT IF THERE ARE CHILDREN READING?!?

I'm a graphic designer by day…and by night (I freelance in addition to the day job). I sort of fell into it late in life but I do (generally) enjoy my work. Many moons ago, I planned on becoming a geophysicist but quickly found out that a person who needs a calculator to add single-digit numbers (and STILL gets it wrong) probably has no business studying physics. I will always geek out over science-y stuff though.

There's nothing I like more than a good gadget. I'm all about the stuff. Whenever I get into something new I Must. Have. Everything. Cooking and bread baking have opened up a whole new gadgety universe for me. It's nirvana. (I did not, however, succumb to the lure of the banana slicer. I have SOME shame.) I support my gadget addiction by freelancing. I'll be freelancing til the day I die, I think, at the rate I'm acquiring stuff.

I started baking bread when I rejoined Weight Watchers. (That makes sense in some alternate universe.) I refuse to eat that lite bread crap. Or fat-free cheese. FAT-FREE CHEESE?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I hate, loathe and detest nuts in all forms. I mean HATE. I've been like this ever since I was a kid and peanut butter (yes, I KNOW it's not technically a nut, all you nitpickers out there, but still…) used to make me cry. I'm trying to train myself to at least tolerate some nuts, since they're so ubiquitous, and I've been somewhat successful with almonds, cashews and pistachios. We'll never be FRIENDS but at least we have an understanding. Walnuts, however, remain a blight on the face of humanity. And peanuts still make me cry.

I'm not too fond of chocolate either. So hate me.

This is about the sixth blog I've started but it's only the first time I've ever actually posted anything. GO ME! It's also the second domain name I registered for this blog because I decided I hated the first immediately after I paid for it. (Taking back that GO ME!)

questions, comments, winning lotto numbers?

Email me at ashaggydoughstory at gmail dot com.

a note about links

As of now, this blog is monetized by me. I'm not an affiliate of anything so any links to products or other sites you see here are just because I want to give a shout-out to good peeps and things I use and love. There's nothing in it for me other than possibly an occasional "Thanks, Rob!" Should that ever change and I stand to gain anything monetarily, I will definitely let you know.